Transforming Opportunities Into Global Solutions

We’re a Venture Studio, building companies from the ground up and investing in early-stage startups.

Why Amaete Venture Studios?

Our Why?

To inspire and build global companies with undiscovered founders by turning opportunities into global solutions and challenging the status quo to change the narrative.

Our Just Cause

We imagine a world where founders
in our studio defy the gravitational pull of
limited resources to achieve their
goals and help
others along the way.

Act. Collaborate. Transform.

United, we forge change across the globe. Innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, and passionate individuals—all can shape our future. Join us and be the transformation

We Found, Fund, Build and Scale Startups

At Amaete Venture Studios, building and running companies is in our DNA. We hand-build 3-4 companies a year and co-found and invest in select businesses.

Our venture studio model excels because of our resources, network, capital, and a proven process that supports entrepreneurs – allowing them to focus on what they do best – building companies.

- What We Do

Pre-Seed to Seed

We’re a Venture Studio, building companies from the ground up and investing in early-stage startups.

Entrepreneurs & startup leaders, we look forward to hearing from you.


A Better Model

We’re built to ensure success at every stage.

Hands-on Team

Champion founders & studio skills across all business needs.

Focused Investment

Hand-building software and tech-enabled companies and investing in Pre-Seed to Seed.

Scalable Processes

Rapid ideation and business building across all phases - from seed to scale.

Purposeful Themes

We research macro changes & the resulting opportunities, mapping our themes back to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Skills & know-how for building winners.

Across all

Focused, rapid, iterative. Validating along the way.

In-house & strategic l

Select, high conviction l

Skills & know-how for building winners.

Across all

In-house & strategic l

Focused, rapid, iterative. Validating along the way.

Select, high conviction l

We Challenge The Status Quo

Founders, Operators, Investors.

A team of builders with a deep understanding of what makes a company successful and scalable.

Exclusive Studio Leverage

Our relationship with the studio gives us ongoing operating experience, flexing a muscle that most investors let atrophy.

Supercharged Partnerships

We've got key distribution partners to reduce execution risk.

Experienced Through Cycles

Seasoned group of investors who have been through multiple cycles and understand the white spaces that are poised for growth.

Unique Deal Flow

We are industry agnostic, though we prefer some spaces than others: SaaS, Digital Consumer Products, Fintech, Web3, Gaming, and eSports are some of those areas.


In the competitive early-stage space, this means we reach fact-based decisions quickly so we don’t lose out on deals.

Our Core Values

Build with heart

We care - Our companies profoundly affect lives and we care deeply about our impact. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the people who work for us and use our products helps us build better companies and products that positively impact our communities and partners.

Share Everything

Share your ideas, how you feel, and encourage others to do the same. We share in each other’s successes and failures.

Open Company, no Bullshit

Openness is root level for us. Information is open internally by default and sharing is the first principle. And we understand that speaking your mind requires equal parts brains (what to say), thoughtfulness (when to say it), and caring (how it’s said).

Attitude is Everything

Find something positive in every situation and every person. Look for humor and lightness, even in challenging situations.

Take an Unconventional

Embrace imperfection and the unpredictable. Be willing to see something from a different angle, and be open to doing things a different way.

Adopt an Infinite Mindset

Focus on momentum towards the greater vision. Build something that will outlast every one of us.

Play, as a Team

We spend a huge amount of our time at work. So the more that time doesn’t feel like “work,” the better. We can be serious, without taking ourselves too seriously. We strive to put what’s right for the team first – whether in a meeting room or on a football pitch

Don’t #@!% the Customer

Customers are our lifeblood. Without happy customers, we’re doomed. So considering the customer perspective - collectively, not just a handful - comes first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We’re always on the lookout for A+ future founders to join our Defyant team as EIRs, Product and Technology Leaders. Join us with a specific whitespace or idea in mind, or pick from our list of ideas. If you’re already in market with your startup, contact us here. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent tempor congue pretium. Aliquam libero ante, eleifend vel ligula vitae, fermentum rutrum eros. Nam quis vestibulum ligula. Aliquam erat volutpat. Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.
A: We are looking for 8-10 new founders per year!

A: While each relationship is different, we typically offer the following perks:

• Salary + benefits
• Access to our studio for services
• Initial capital and assistance in finding additional capital
• Founder equity in future company

A: Within the 6 months, we’ll craft the plan and funding strategy, arming the project to move into the next phase.

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